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Fort Worth

After much reading on this website, I thought I'd try the waterpik (most use a syringe but it's 5:00am and I didn't want to go buy one). I put it on the LOWEST setting with very warm water in it, leaned my head over the sink and started squirting water in my ear...slowly flakes started coming out, then BAM, after about 20-30 seconds a clump of ear wax almost the size of my pinky nail. it works!! No olive oil or hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol...just warm water and a Waterpik! What a lifesaver. Good luck all

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My ear has been driving me crazy for a couple of months. If I put my finger in it and wiggle it I could hear somewhat better. This morning it made me really nuts so I googled home remedies for removing ear wax. WOW - the water pic was just the ticket I needed. It took two fillings of really warm water but the 'rock' came out. It was about the size of a small pea. There was absolutely no pain, and afterwards I could not believe how loud I had my tv and radio in the car. Great idea!!! Thank you.


I tried this and it made me feel dizzy and sick!!


Thanks for the waterpick idea. It worked great for me today! I do not have to go to the doctor. Thanks again.


Hi, my right ear is driving me nuts. Does anybody mind telling me exactly which waterpik you? It seems that there are different kinds. Thanks.


You probably felt dizzy and sick because the water was cold or hot. You are supposed to use luke-warm water, so that when you put your finger in the water, it doesn't feel hot nor cold. I read that somewhere - that it can make you feel nauseous if the water is not room temp. Hope that helps.

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