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i dont know, but i find most of the comments here seem to have similar writing 'pattern' that sounded like they were under the management of the drug companies at end of the day.

i will tell you what personally worked for me, it doesnt CURE bv and candida forever, but i chose to believe that if i keep doing this, it will.

i normally get bv and more often battling with candida. always triggered after having sex. it sucks.

my symptoms are:
urinating urgency
belly cramps (can be different location each time)
abdominal cramp and bloating + difficulty breathing.
itchiness in the vagina..l
it used to get worse, and more severe attacks, but now i am able to battle with it to a satisfying enough result.

my remedies includes:

inhaling things like clove, cinnamon, eucaliptus, menthol oil. actually if you put in a tiny glass jar some cloves and crushed black pepper and add all the oils listed above... they make a great team. and keep inhaling that as often as possible. it helps you breathe better esp if you are getting cramps. oxygen kills candida, if u are short if breath, the candida gets stronger...see?

sipping apple cider vinegar every day, many times a day, esp during the time of the attacks.

applying castor oil and peppermint OR lemongrass essential oil into my vagina. that is done by putting the oils on my finger and insert. on the way out, i am able to wipe out the 'problem' out of my vagina, i do that a few times in one session. (oil,insert, wipe, clean my finger and repeat till the finger comes out clean) ... it normally stops the itching immediately. then eat yoghurt or cyder vinegar to put the good bacteria back into the system.

epsom salt bath - almost everyday - totally keeps it at bay .....and i love epsom salt bath anyway.

rub peppermint oil on the belly to keep it cool.

2 nights ago when i felt attacked by bv and/or candida, i did immediately the castor-mint remedy and took a baking soda + hydrogen peroxide bath. and sip apple cider vinegar. then rub my belly with peppermint oil before bed. the symptoms went away immediately. this morning i dont feel so great, but i know i should have had better decipline at the routine of the remedy which i didnt. i believe if i keep it more consistant, i will get better.

basically i am just using things that kill yeast and bacteria (castor, bk soda, epsom,peppermint), while putting the good ones back in (ac vinegar, yoghurt). Peppermint and lemongrass oil also are antiseptic and anti bacterial. peppermint oil also helps to balance the ph and lemongrass normally prevents the mutation of cells. i should be drinking baking soda and eating yoghurt too.... i know that...and i dont know why i havent dont it.......maybe i will start that. i am still eating sugary stuff though, i cant help it!

if my symptom seem more severe than usual, i use anti fungus cream along with the castor oil.

inserting the vaginal tablets is the later option which i havent done for 1.5years now.

wont take drugs anymore!

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Sarah Wilkins

Commercial antifungal creams are antibiotics and kill good bacteria. Make your own deserts and prepare all meals and snacks ahead of time. This is a life saver when sticking to the diet which will help your problem not come back. And do not eat any sugar until you have finished a complete colon cleanse. I recommend getting a good colon cleanse book (nothing over night or even 2 weeks. a good colon cleanse will take place over months). Only Organic Meat (its not as expensive as you think in the frozen section - compare the prices, like 2 dollars more. Worth the investment because there are antiboitics and steriods in regular meat. And reduce or eliminate red meat as it breaks down into sugar when digested.) And when you do eat sugar, eat it in the form of berries Only (Use organic stevia to sweeten your yogurt - I recommend greek yogurt - Then after colon cleanse, slowly indroduce the berries into your yogurt) Watch your carbohydrates. Keep them under 30 a day. Yes. Basically a veggie diet. You can sub bread and rice with brocolli bread (you tube) and califlower rice (google it). And add Coconut oil to your diet. Start slowly, with a 1/2 teaspoon a day for 2 weeks and increasing to another 1/2 teaspoon for another 2 weeks and so repeating until you get to 2 teaspoons a day. This will help tremendously. Good luck! I hope I helped <3


I don't know if you can read my reply, if you do please try to apply neem oil and see. Also try coconut oil. I hope it helps.

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