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After spending over $ 3,000.00 on a Pet Hospital and a Vet Office because my cat was sneezing BLOOD - they told me he has chronic rhinitis and to keep him on the same antibiotic and antihistimine regimine that they had him on - that was NOT working for him, I came across 'Vim and Vigor' from the Vermont Store. It was a miracle ! How ever, my cat was NOT amused - as it tasted horribly to him (base is vinegar!) Thankfully, the sneezes with blood stopped almost immediately - but he still WAS occasionally sneezing. This is when I found 'Coloidal Silver' at a health food store. It is totally tastless and easily mixes in with his wet food - AND almost ALL his sneezes have since stopped and fingers crossed - NO blood mixed in with any of them. Once in a while I will give him a little Vim and Vigor - but not that often - as the Coloidal Silver helps tremendously AND is much easier to give him. I will only take him to a holistic vet from now on :)

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Does this work for dogs also? My dog Jeff just started to sneeze this weekend, the local vet thinks it might be from a cold and they suggested Benadryl, but I was looking for a more natural remedy.

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