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So like everyone I too am a sufferer of chronic BV...its been going on for the last 8 years...5 of which I had the Mirena...I have a very sporadic sex life so after I take the Flagyl it would be months before I would have sex I did and I was prescribed yet another round of Flagyl...this time it didn't even work...I have tried the HP and that worked for awhile but not I came back up here to see what new info I could find....I came across the Vitamin D post...I tried it...and so far so good....well, let me back track...I'm also taking folic acid .garlic ...prenatal vitamin, Acidipholus, and echinacea....out of all of those, the only thing new that I'm taking is the Vitamin D and the to be honest I can't even say which one is helping, but I don't care! After the first night I has a significant decrease in day 3 the discharge was pretty much gone but there was still a slight I took an extra vitamin d tablet the next day....and I'm good as new...I decided not to douche or put anything up there...I feel clean and dry...I hope this helps somebody...its a lot of pills to take everyday...but to be BV free, its worth it...

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Hi i have a question so I understand wen u say u took the vitamin D pills but wen u say garlic I don't understand, do u eat plain garlic? Is it a garlic pill? Or do u put garlic in your vagina ?? I jus wud really like to kno about the garlic part cuz I too have a serious issue with BV so please reply to my comment as soon as u can thank u so much.

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