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Basically you apply the following two cures to fix your migraine:
PREVENTION: Take the following combination each day (all 4 are needed for this to work)
500mg of Magnesium Chelate - take twice daily.
100mg of Vitamin B2 - take twice daily
500mcg Folic acid - once per day
Mini-aspirin - take one a day with food.
(Don't skip on the folic acid it is key to increasing the B2 absorption and the overall effect).

If you get an AURA take a 500mg vitamin B3 tablet (NIACIN)
When head starts - drink a strong coffee (or pro-plus tablet) and 500mg vitamin B3 tablet (NIACIN) if you havent taken one already.
Beyond that take your mersyndol and go to bed with the lights off and suffer until migraine is completed.

You need to understand that your body is doing the right thing for you by having a migraine. When you are doing PREVENTION you are trying to prevent your blood

vessels in the brain contracting to the point when your brain is not getting enough oxygen. If you hit this trigger point, then your body will dilate your blood

vessels rapidly, but what happens is it overshoots before eventually settling down at the correct level. This process often starts with an aura, then lots of pain

as vessels dilate, and sometimes nausea and vomiting as your system until things settle down.
WHEN MIGRAINE STRIKES, what you need to take is counter-intuitive, you take things that contract the blood vessels to SLOW DOWN the rate of dilation so the body

takes a smoother curve to get back to normal - hence the Niacin (B3) and strong coffee, plus the usual painkillers/sleepy meds such as mersyndol. The timing is

therefore important. but this process will reduce the pain and shorten the length of the migraine attack. Hope that helps

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Just to update that this cure no longer requires the mini-aspirin daily, based on my trials. So the formulation is now folic acid, B2, magnesium.
Aside from that I would question the validity of specific triggers...though migraine will happen IF trigger point is reached. Lots of things could take you in that direction..(Storm coming, stress, etc etc)...Anyway worth mulling this over while also considering the fact that you may crave certain things as you approach the trigger...Would be great to get some feedback...

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