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i recently found out that i have genetal warts., consedering the home remedies at this site i'm afraid to use acv for the reasons of burning sensation and we don't have it here in the philippines.,. at first glance i thought i just have 1 big wart at my annus and about 3-5small ones in between., after seing it i rushed up the internet and search for a remedy,.,. i read alot but and here is what i did.,., i just used isopropyl alcohol,tissue and aloevera lotion.,.,
on my first day i clean and dry the area, then i soaked the tisse with the alcohol and put it on the infected overnight.,
the following day since it has burning sensation though tolerable i did not do it again i just clean it and made it dry and put lotion over night.,.,
the following day surprisingly big warts fall down,., but still i continue to apply lotion and booting my immune system.,., hope this remedies would help i'm on my third day of treatment today.,.and it feels great!!

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I'm not sure if it's working for you, but I literally got rid of mine in 3 days. I was using somxl but it made it worse (and my hemorrhoid) then switched to garlic cloves, garlic oil, witch hazel, tee tree oil w/ vit E and aloe and apple cider vinegar switching every 3-5 hours between all of them, having the soothers in between the acids and they literally fell off without me even knowing it (mine were only 2 small ones).

Good luck! hope this works for you too.


is it true taht kotion can get the warts as well as the alcohol?pls let me know

Jimmy H

Good advice I will try


I tried the cautery electrosurgery. I have anal warts outsiee and inside. Electrosurgey was good. In just two hours ur anal warts will be removed but u should tolerate the pain, the anesthesia that will be injeceted in and iut of ur anal area. (this is painful) i also have hemmorhoids. During the cautery uvwill feel stinging senstion and sometimes painful cauterization!! Ill cry. They also put some tca on my butt immediately after the surgery and now, it came back. Hov and hiv are connected. Pls be aware of that, get tested stay awayvfrom bad habits and practice healthy lifestyle and boostvur immune system. Btw, im a filipino, fighting from hpv and hiv. Im currently using appke cidr vinegar that can be found in sm supermarkets (bragg apple cider with the mother) i hope it works !! :) have a great day to u all.


Are they really connected?

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