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Okay I have been in pain for the last two months and I've been to da doctor and they gave me the same thing as every one else I've read on here so I had enough. I have been woke up every day for da last two weeks and;: today I wanted to Google what can help I found this page I started to read and I started to take every remedy I read. The ones that work for me was first salt water help just a lil but for me a lil is better than nothing at all. Then I washed my mouth with Dr.tissue and it helped take da throbbing away then I took tylenol which helped ease da pain. So I went and got rum and baby teething gel and a pacifier. I put da gel on da pacifier and sucked on that each time I felt da sharp pain stricken and then gargoyles the whiskey and now I can say my mouth feels a lot better. Thanks to all of the remedies I now feel a lot better.

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Had the same problem the only thing that will help any wisdom tooth pain is get them removed. around 500.00 apiece to remove and 500.00 for anestisa. so all 4 was $2,500.00. or just get the one removed for around $1000.00.

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