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Well, I have a little different story but my abscess was not a tooth abscess but rather a periodontal abcess in the gum. It is where a pocket that has formed around a tooth becomes infected when food or bacteria become trapped in it. Easier to deal with if you catch it before it spreads to the tooth or bone.

Anyway, I noticed I was really tender in the front of my mouth and thought maybe something was stuck there so I got my water pick and peroxide and water and tried to rinse it and it was really tender! I did the best I could anyway and the next day it seemed a little better.

I went to sleep and woke up the next morning with a bump a little higher up on my gums that was really sore. I rinsed with salt water and diluted peroxide throughout the day and went to bed. The next day it was twice the size as the day before and really tender!

I continued to rinse with the salt water and peroxide but without improvement. In fact it got bigger and bigger until it developed a head (a small white spot). Finally I was fed up and because I am a bit impatient and kind of a hot head, I grabbed the peroxide bottle and took a straight swig into my mouth and began to swish. I noticed it was foamy immediately unlike when I diluted it. I spit it out and it was all foam, (yuck!!) and went to look at it and it was spewing blood and foam from the place where the white dot had been! I freaked out and took another swig of the peroxide and swished and spit more thick foam and blood. I rinsed with water and grabbed some cotton balls to absorb anything else that was coming out of it, replacing them every 30 seconds or so and then I started to try and squeeze what I could into them since it was open already and I didn't want to swallow it. Man was I freaking out! I kept cotton in my mouth for the whole day after this. I would rinse every few hours with diluted peroxide and replace the cotton. I went to bed with cotton in my mouth and a rinse by the bed so I could change it in the night.

The next day it was better, almost flat but a little sore still. I had heard about the infections being pretty nasty so I was determined to make sure it didn't spread. I have a toothbrush that disinfects itself after every use so that was good and I started to think about what draws poison or toxins out of things. I started taking oil of oregano internally as well as capsules of ginger root and tumeric powder. I swished with coconut oil and diluted peroxide and then cotton. Then I took thin slices of garlic and put them between my cheek and gum directly on top of it. YEOUCH!! Did that several times and swished with apple cider vinegar too.

Finally I came up with Aztec Bentonite Clay and Baking Soda. I had this Bentonite toothpaste that I had only used once (cause it was weird brushing my teeth with mud) so I poured baking soda into it and stirred until it was a thicker paste. I put a little blob into a coffee filter and twisted it up into a little pouch. I put it between my cheek and gum directly on top of it for about an hour at a time several times a day. Cotton at all times to keep from swallowing anything that may be oozing out. I am on day two of this and it seems to be less tender. I really really don't want antibiotics because I don't want to give the drug companies not one dime! I would sooner die than pay those evil people and apparently I am going to in a couple months anyway, according to a couple other submissions I read.

Anywhooooo, I will keep you posted on it for as long as I am able!

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PLease update as this seems to be exactly what is happening with me, and I really want to know how it is turning out for you. I had an x-ray about a month ago, but it was nonconformational. and now i have a little bump on my gums. but it has been there for weeks and i have no pain. not in the tooth or gums! Just one question: did you eat any popcorn before it all happened?? I would almost bet that i have a popcorn hull stuck up in my gums causing an infection. but it's weird, because i have no infection type pain.


You WILL die if you don't treat this with antibiotics. Have you ever heard of sepsis?


That's why they never responded. :)

Sandi Snyder

Angela, sometimes we have to take meds. I know it sucks. How are you feeling now? Listerine worked for me. Use it 4X a day.



I have used the decaf green tea bag,
also warm saltwater, also 50/50 diluted peroxide & water, also have tried tea tree oil on gums (do not swallow), also used thin sliced garlic (burns but works), if u google: tooth infection and herbal remedy, you will get lots of info how food and herbs create antibiotics to strengthen immune system and fights infections to pull out infection.
I know it works, because at the same time I'm using goldenseal, vitamin C, B12, triple Antibiotic ointment, Echinacea-tea, to heal my body from a dog bite.
What a mixture, dog bite & toothache :( but it is working, and drink lots of water to help push out infection.
I understand some people think its best to run to the hospital to get a shot, or meds, but that's just putting more foreign crap into the body. The body can heal either way, just depends how patient you are? Or how much money u don't have.
The best to any who hurts & needs relief. Prayer works too.


if you're using decaffeinated tea then it is been treated with many chemicals.....

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