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Pour a little bit of hyrdogen peroxide on your toothbrush and then put some baking soda on top then just brush your teeth with it. Rinse your mouth when your done. (Note: it tastes really bad and do not swallow!!!)

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To the desperate fellow. If you are going to put a fake number up, always remember how many numbers are suppose to go in it: 585-576-853_??


I would definitey not recommend using baking soda it make your gums reced and also makes your teeth weaker.


baking soda isnt bad for your teeth. If it was, then it wouldnt be advertised or used in multiple brands of toothpaste. That would be False Advertisement.


Is this the same hydrogen peroxide that says 'If swallowed, visit the Posion Control Centre immediately' ? This doesn't sound too safe.


Daniele, I think they're just covering their asses. Even tooth paste has that sort of warning.

laughing at you

so people, for real, you guys are either like 12, or are so bored with your lives that you fight by keyboard? either way, thanks to everyone that posted something about the topic that was asked, to everyone else, i will have a good laugh for the rest of the day knowing there are people out there that acually sit around and bitch at each other over nothing. thanks everyone.


Are your gums suppose to turn white, because mine did.


I just use sand paper


you all are dumb lulz. just use white nail polish. DUH

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