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Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar!!!! Cured my fungus that I had for years that no doctor prescription could ever cure. And no side affects or risk of liver failure like those doctor medications. Any type of Apple Cider Vinegar would work even White Vinegar I just love the braggs because its organic and it doesnt smell as bad as the others.
So basically I poured 1 cup of the ACV and 1 cup of water into a big bowl and soaked my feet (its good for athletes foot too) in there for about 20-30 min almost everyday. You can instantly notice the color of the nail changing. Before you start however it is important to trim your nails as short as possible and try to remove all the fungus that you can. I know sounds gross but youll be one step closer to normal toes I promise.
I also tried putting coconut oil on my nails when felt too tired or didn't have time to soak my feet. You can just with ur fingers rub the coconut oil on your toes and let it air dry. Coconut oil is also known to kill any fungus bacteria parasites, etc..... Good luck!!!

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Pls tell me where I can find the Bragg's vineger caz I cannot find it...I looked in Walmart where the vineger is found bt ddnt see any braggs vineger....PLS HELP!!!


Wal-Mart, health food store, target, publix.

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