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A few months ago I had a sty in my eye and I refused to have it surgically removed. I began researching online for natural home remedies. I tried the warm compress and the bag method and no luck. I came across Johnsons baby shampoo method and it sounded crazy but figured id give it a try. The first time I started rubbing the eye lids with baby shampoo and warm water I saw a great difference. I did this morning and afternoon almost everyday for about 2 weeks but you instantly start noticing it working and the sty become less and less noticeable. If you have a sty try this dont go through the painful surgical procedure its not worth it when there is an easier way.

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Michelle in Hawaii

Chamomile tea worked magic on my stye within 1 day. I steeped a teabag of organic chamomile tea in a shallow amount of boiling water (not a full cup because you want it as condensed and potent as possible). Steep until the water has cooled to warm. Then either use an eye cup and hold it on eye for a minute or so, or if you don't have an eye cup take a cotton ball, dip in the condensed tea, and drip tea into the eye. Repeat every hour until the stye is gone, then follow up every few hours to prevent it from returning. It worked for me in 3 hours. My stye was under my upper lid so it worked to treat my eye directly. If yours is outside of your eye then make sure you hold the cotton ball on it instead of dripping in the eye.

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