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Best cure for athletes foot

BEST CURE FOR ATHLETE'S FOOT!!!!!! In only 4 days!!!
After 4 long months of agony with athletes foot that spread all down the bottom of my foot. I tried almost everything on this site including ACV, Hydrogen peroxide, natural creams from the health food store, oil of oregano, vicks, salt, copper, copper socks....
Nothing really worked or only worked for a short time. Then I found the cure cedarwood insoles.

They advertise that Athlete's foot will be gone in 3-4 days and it's true! They are well worth the money at only $15 a pair. The international shipping is only $4 and they arrived in 4 days from Germany. I got them at I can't recommend them enough. I finally got a good night sleep instead of waking up from the itching after only wearing them for a day. My feet looked completely normal again after 4 days. They are a amazing !

Too bad I didn't take before and after pics cuz It's hard to believe how well they work and sooooo fast. They are a lot cheaper than the hundreds of dollars I've spent on all the other stuff I've tried. Don't give up you can get rid of it for good ! Try them they also have a 110% money back guarantee. Good Luck !

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I just ordered them...I had it for one year straight and tried at least 60 things over the year...white vinegar foot soaks (2 tines a day for 30 minutes for one month ) got rid of it...wish I had tried that first..but I don't want this demon fungus to ever come back so I ordered the insoles...and im going to take oregano oil too just to be sure...

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