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mike pinoy to

For dizziness if you are standing sit down, then take 10 deep breaths, afterwards lie down for 10 minutes, this technique promotes good return of oxygenated blood to you brain -> therefore it could promote better nutrients to your brain cells and make you feel better.

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didn't help me at all, but it might help other people


Did this. Dizziness led to nausea. Ugh. I'm trying Kombucha tea.


Deep breaths will cause you to lose too much co2 and make things worse, instead try taking normal breath in and then normal breath out then hold your breath before inhaling again for 4 or5 seconds and repeat this several times. If that begins to help, you are chronically over breathing and should definitely learn about the work of dr Buteyko . Breathing into a paper bag for a minute or so may also help. Maintaining higher levels of. O2 in alveoli will actually allow for better distribution of O2 to brain ala the Bohr relationship.

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