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Thank The Lord I found this website. I found my own remedy based on a combination of items I read. First, I purchased douche bottles-emptied the liquid. Poured 3% hydrogen peroxide halfway in the douche bottle. Filled the rest of the bottle with filtered water. Insert into vagina while showering. Take 2-800mg tablets of folic acid and 1 tablet of lactobacillus. This has worked for me and I feel much better. No more smell!! I have tried Flagyl numerous times, but it kept coming back.

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Thanks I'm going to try this i have one right now and I'm tired of taking antibiotics because they give me yeast infection thanks for ur tip


I posted the original remedy. I went to the gynecologist for a follow up and happy to say I am yeast and bacteria free. The Dr strongly opposed the douche method-but was in agreement of folic acid and pro-biotics.


I am so glad I found this site! I have been dealing with bv off on for over 8 years. It is so frustrating that after taking flagyl the symptoms are back a week later. I tried your suggestion and the next day the discharge and odor were completely gone. I am thrilled!! I am so glad that after dealing with this for so long that I finally found a natural way to get rid of it for good. Thanks so much for sharing your story!


Ive never douched before so I dont know too much about it. I wanted to know how do you buy the douche. Did you just buy the vinegar and water douche thats sold in stores and then empty it out so you can put the peroxide in? Or can you buy one empty? Can you please let me know because Im so confused. Also is it ok to douche frequently with the peroxide and will it burn bad?


I too deal with bv and I have tried everything and nothing worked including pills because I would still have an odor that causes smell. when my body gets hot it gives off an odor that is not related to any std. I have been tested, I am sensitive to any products that has chemicals in them. I get a bad reaction and will have to go to see my dr. I use ninja juice and it is not a douche, it has been my bestfriend. I have been completely cured and do not need any products today. Problem solved!!

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