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I'm 19 with the curse of being prone to YI! It's aparently normal in my family to get them semi frequently.
Well this one I'm dealing with at the moment feels like razor blades and lemon juice have attacked my goods! I found out sugar was a big no no AFTER I took a big swig of Mountain Dew. Literally, not a moment later I had the worst burning episode. So I looked up this site.
Well, I had petroleum jelly so I decided to lightly put that on and around the goods and bam! Instant relief. It's not completely gone, but just enough to finally get some sleep.
I do not take any sort of medication if I do not absolutely have to. So, these tips are going to be highly useful.
Also, I noticed sleeping nakey is also fantastic. Spread out with a fan blowing on you. Not only keeps your goods dry but it's refreshing.
I also take the depo vera shot and have realized I have been having flare ups when I need my shot. Needless to say, I'll be getting something else for a while!
Thank you for all the tips girls, and good luck!

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Omg immediate life saver its 6am and i couldnt take it anymore. a warm rag and petroleum saver!!! For now.

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