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Noticed a small bubble type thing under my big toe right in the crease around January. I only noticed it because walking made it feel like I had a piece of glass or a splinter. Left it alone figuring it would push its self out but instead the pain went from annoying to me hardly being able to walk. Searched online for a diagnosis and low and behold all signs point to a plantar wart. I tried ACV the first 3 weeks. One cotton ball soaked and duct taped to my foot overnight and another fresh one during the day. The only thing that seemed to do was make it bigger. Sure it turned white and I would scrape daily to keep it neat and clean but nothing else happened for 3 whole weeks. Next thing I tried was the Dr. Scholls maximum strength discs for plantar warts. Used the whole box as directed which was a 12 week treatment with the same results as the ACV. I gave my foot a break for two weeks because the salicyclic acid from the Dr. Scholls treatment damaged the surrounding healthy tissue as well as the infected area of my skin. My final attempt before sucking it up and going to the doctor was Thyme Oil. I saw it mentioned a few times on here but never paid any mind to it. I went to Whole Foods and purchased organic red thyme oil. Pricing it the day before online I was expecting to pay between 8- 10 bucks and I kid you not my jaw hit the floor when I went to the cash register and had to fork over 22 dollars for a 5ml bottle. When I arrived home I soaked my foot in hot water mixed with epsom salt and antibacterial soap for about 15 mins then I used a pumice to loosen up some dead skin, dried my foot and put two drops of oil directly on the wart and slapped a band aid on it. Everyone has different reactions to the oil but within the hour my wart felt like it was on fire. I took an aspirin and went to bed. Next morning I put two more drops and a fresh bandage. The next day I noticed I could wiggle my big toe without any pain, something I haven't been able to do in months. For the next 3 weeks I would apply 2-4 drops a day. I'm sure if I had kept it up twice a day it wouldn't have taken so long but I'm happy to report I am wart free. The first two weeks was just a lot of scraping of dead skin and I thought perhaps it wasn't working but then I started noticing a lot more pink healthy patches of skin underneath what I was picking off. By the third week it was mostly gone and I finished scraping off what I hope is the last of the dead skin today. It's like the oil sunk in and pushed the wart out from the inside. If you don't mind the price then I would suggest Thyme Oil to anyone. After 2 days it didn't burn anymore and though the smell is strong it's not unpleasant. Also, the oil would sometimes roll down my foot and it did not have any effect on my healthy skin, not even a tingle. Good luck everyone.

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