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Sand and water, mix it up it will make mud and just scrub it on your face then let it dry completely then wash it off the grains if sand gets in your pores and cleans them out just like any other face scrub you buy except you can go in your yard or anywhere there is sand and water and its free!!!! No more spending money to get rid of those specky blackheads

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Uh ok but I live 3 hours away from the beach and it's the middle of autumn


Not to mention that sand could be nasty, but it's ok. I'll just go out to the park sandbox and get myself a heaping pile of sand and cat poop. NBD


And sand and water left to dry will just make sand...


They sales and in the store moron^


They sell sand in the store and you're still a moron even though I messed up ^


Black heads form from dirt and oil getting stuck in your pores, I don't think adding more dirt would help at all.


I think she meant salt and water?


Not everyone has sandy soil.

Think one should make sure sand is clean/sterile.

And fine sand probably better than coarse.

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