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Chante White

I just want to say that whoever figured out sticking a clove of threaded garlic in your vagina is crazy, but it is awesome. Weird feeling at first but it works. I stopped itching immediately. Since my husband and I are trying to can imagine what's been going on with that. No bottoms and a threaded garlic clove has done me wonders tonight. I'm ecstatic to not be itchy!

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I am super happy! I was miserable I took your advise and now I'm itch free! Thank you!

Here we itch again

I tried the garlic clove and damn did that BURN! I don't know if it was because my garlic was on the older side (was growing a sprout) but it hurt!!! so I quickly took it out as my eyes watered in pain... 2nd attempt tonight was Vaseline and finally got semi relief but it's still a daunting itch/discomfort.. I was using gentian violet yesterday and for the first 3 uses it was amazing instant relief.. but after that it seemed to have gotten worse and painful to the touch to .. so I don't recommend it :( I would LOVE to soak in a salt bath It's helped before in a flash with discomfort and healing! BUT I'm a single stay at home mom now with kids (4 and 14 months) who wouldn't let me take a bath alone... :( I'm dying here! Its past 5 in the morning, I'm trying to be as quiet as I can doing these 'weird' experiments in the bathroom as to not wake up my mom ... whose room is right in the middle of everything!! >.< UGH I Feel like a teenager again for saying that LOL!!)

For those lucky ones that can take a bath alone heres the salt bath recipe

Dissolve 1/2 salt in HOT water let sit till water is comfortable to you. and soak I suggest sitting 'Indian style' (Cross legged) or use a washcloth to help. Add a dose of your fav music and tea (With little or no sugar) and enjoy!

HINT...Do Not add bleach to the water people!!! I heard of a mother who did this.. She ended up going to the ER in agonizing pain. Just don't do it!

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