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I had a painful toenail fungus. The toe would just throb, probably the fungus under the nail putting pressure on the nail. After much research, I found out there are different types of toenail fungi. Different remedies work on some and not others. I decided to hit it with several. I first trimmed the toenail back as much as possible and filed it down. After washing it well, I used a hair dryer to heat the toe and nail as hot as I could stand it. Then I soaked it in white vinegar. Then I applied Lamisil AT rubbing it into the toe over and all around the nail. Then I applied Vicks. Over the next day or two it changed to a dark color. I am now in day 7 and it looks and feels much better and am confident in a few months it will be gone.

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Ms. Daniels

Ive had fungus on my two big toes for abotu 8 years now,the fungus turned my nail black, I got tired of hiding my toes by polishing them, so I 1st soaked my toes in Listerine and apple cider vinegar for about 30min then I filed the nail down and applied vicks vapor rub on both toes and covered with a bandaid put socks on for three days and I see a big difference my toes were turning a brownish/ black color in just three days it has turned whitie I already see a big change Im going to do this for another 6 weeks or until I see pink


Yah the best is if you live by a beach to go to the beach as often as possible. Sand is low in ph and you walk around in it and it grinds the fungus and then keep dipping in salt water and it helps great. If you spend a month at the beach once a day it'll be dead

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