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So I have been suffering from BV for a few years now and have tried many different cures- antibiotics, colloidal silver soaked tampons, Bee propolis capsules inserted inside the vagina, garlic, garlic pills, acidophilus, BUT DRUM ROLLLL ------- I found the best product EVER. VH Essentials BV Treatment!!!! The box includes 6 vaginal inserts and plastic applicators. This is a 6 day treatment, however I find relief on the first day immediately after inserting the pill. BV really has negatively affected my personal life in the past. Another symptom BV has caused is decreased wetness, but my vagina's pH is back to normal, the wetness is back better than ever, & I even squirted for the first time ever. My bf said 'wow I never felt that before.' I mean this only happened once.. but I attribute it partially to VH Essentials getting my vagina healthy again. It cures me for about a month and then after my period is usually tries to rear its ugly head again. But throughout the month, even with unprotected sex every day/ every other day, I don't experience any BV. The treatment costs about $30 but it's an easy quick cure. I feel that it's 100% worth it.

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where can I find it?


cvs has it




This is ridiculous. Lol being able to have a squirting orgasm has absolutely nothing to do with the decreased moisture you have as a result if the infection nor did it encourage it.


it worked for me. I had the same problem too with decreased wetness in the 'heat of the moment' when you are suppose to be. as soon as i tried BV essentials i was good as new again. all the symptoms went away. i suggest to everyone take the 6 day treatment and for follow up take the tablets everyday afterwards to keep everything fresh.


What tablets were you taking afterwards?


Everyone need to note that what works for one person may not for the next...the symptoms you experience may be caused by a number of different things compared to the next woman.

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