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MUST READ REALLY WORKS!!!! I battled with a yeast infection all week so I googled home remedies and found this site!! I have looked up home remedies in the past before and thought most of them sounded crazy...the thought of sticking garlic in my vagina sounded crazy! But this time I already tried 2 1 day treatments over the counter along with AZO yeast pills and they weren't working, I live in a small town and the last thing I wanted to do was go buy another treatment! The burning and itching was so bad I couldn't take it anymore so I got desperate and this is what I used:

first step:
I took approx. 1/2 cup of iodized salt and 1/2 a cup of arm and hammer baking soda and mixed it into a shallow bath. I got in and let it soak and tried to push some of the mixture inside the best I could. Got out and dried myself off thoroughly!

second step: (I know is sounds crazy)
I took and peeled a clove of garlic and with some thick black thread and a needle I put thread through the center of the garlic a couple times so that it was secure and had about 5 inches of thread coming out the top and the bottom of the garlic clove, then I brought the thread together and braided it and tied a knot in the bottom. I inserted it into the vagina just like a tampon and left the string hanging out.

Instantly the itching and burning is gone and it has been hours and it hasn't came back. I don't even smell like garlic! And the discharge is already going's a miracle and I will use this every time in the future! The garlic starts killing the yeast immediately!! So if you want a cure this one is amazing!!

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I was on Antibiotics for a week, OMG the worst YI ever, UGHHH I started reading all the home remedies you ladies were nice enough to post, HA no garlic in house, no yogurt, so I took a bowl filled it a 1/4 with salt and added some water, soaked the washcloth in it and washed my kitty and BAM WOW RELIEF.. ahhhhhh
THANK GOD for home remedies been about a half hour so far, but I'm so relaxed no itching, no burning, NOTHING so far. Will try it again when and if it acts up. Thanks GIRLS for the relief...


Tried this and loving it!!! Instant RELIEF!!! THE bath sooths and I cleaned out as much as I could with my finger (which stopped all the itching) before I got in the tub I prepared the garlic suppository.. I feel back to normal already & its only been minutes..


The garlic worked INSTANTLY! The itching was unbearable! I had taken 2 diflucan pills over the last four days, tried a one-day insert AND external cream and the YI kept getting worse ! I stumbled into this site and read about using garlic and salt- why not!? I'm desparate!!!! So I drew shallow bath and put half a box if table salt in and soaked for five minutes.
I got out and patted dry. I had cotton balls, cotton face cleansing pads, petroleum and a few
Tablespoons of garlic powder in a bowl. I put some petrolium on a cotton ball to coat it then i used a dey cotton ball dipped in the garlic powder and dusted it sparingly, then inserted it. WOW did it BURN! The itching decreased. Then I worked in sections, front to back, using the facial cleansing pads, small coating of petrolium, Dusting of garlic powder- then 'taco' it against the affected external skin. BURN! BURN!!! But the feeling lets up. I put a towel down on my bed and layed there for about 15 minutes. Then I did the next section back. Sweet, garlic-ie relief !!!! So thankful for this thread!

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