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So I woke up at 430 with a killer toothe ache, first thing was get the vanilla because it had always worked. Not this time went to the salt and pretty much mixed mouth wash with salt and rinsed like 4 times. I thought it worked it did bit only for 5 seconds I basically started rummaging thru the kitchen and put a lot of salt with peanut butter but it just made it sore but felt good while on..and way I crushed an aspirin and put it on my tooth..just tasted nasty and then I tried the benodryl crushed in a spoon with a bit of water and poured it on my tooth..and its gone..!!! And my whole rift side of my mouth is numb;)

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It really works i was just about to rip my head off i tried this and it works

Mrs Jones

I thought you were crazy until my tooth ESD throbbing bad enough to the point of desperation and tried this and I can honestly say it works. Thank you so much for posting this remedy.


Dude last night you were a lifesaver. like you said the whole left side of my mouth went numb:). my wife broke two benadryl caps down and I finally was able to get some pain relief.


Omg YOU ARE AMAZING!! I had all of my teeth pulled 2 days ago. I am so sick of taking the pain pills (which only help for 2 hours at best, and am only able to take them every 6 hours). So I decided to check home remedies. :) I didnt have any benadryl tablets, but my 5 yo has severe allergies and I had some bendryl liquid on hand for her. It works like a charm. Dont know how long it will work as I just did it 5 mins ago :) thanx so much for the post


Quarter inch of hot water in a cup, drop in one ibuprofen and let dissolve add in a good splash of vanilla and swish through sore tooth. After all the remedies on here this the only thing that has worked!

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