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I have a blood donor card with 95 donations on it because I donate frequently.

Recently, as I went to donate blood, they told me I couldn't donate that day because my iron levels weren't up to snuff. So I waited the allowable time and went to give blood again and they told me my iron levels STILL weren't high enough. So I went to my doctor and she had me do a blood scan.

Since I don't eat a lot of red meat, she concluded that was part of the reason I had an iron deficiency...that and the fact that I was donating blood, but not replenishing my iron fast enough.

Sure enough, the blood scan showed that I was anemic. So she prescribed some ferrous sulphate which you can get over the counter at your drug store. I was taking about 10 mils of it per day, and lo and behold, my restless leg syndrome went away.

When I went back after my last blood scan, I told her and she said, that's right, ...that RLS can be alleviated by getting your iron levels raised to the proper level.

So if you are suffering from RLS, go see your doctor and have them do a blood scan,and if you have low iron levels in your system, it might be the cause of your RLS.

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