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I know this doesn't sound serious but the best way to relieve menstrual cramps is to have an orgasm- when the muscles 'down there' contract and release it stops the muscles from 'cramping'. Not the Sexiest time of the month for any of us but this really does provide relief!

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It does not make you infertile. I have sex on my period a lot and a 3 month old


Use Instead soft cups! You can use them for up to 12 hours and you can have sex in them! Having sex isn't gross with Instead lol!


Unfortunately not my experience at all...


This is one of the few (edit: ONLY) things that gives instant relief, unfortunately, it's only for the duration.. and maybe a couple minutes after, so kinda inconvenient unless I want to spend all day masturbating. xD


DAMN!!!! That grosses you people out? I've gone down on a woman on her period!!!!


having sex on your period will not make you infertile ... matter of fact i have 3 children and trying for my fourth. but it not all the gross i don't think ... but some people thinks its all messy not really i am 33 yrs old and i still get my monthly cramps and having sex while on your period does help with relief of the cramps. so ladies ... heating pad... warm tea... sleep... and sex will help with relief of cramps. oh and pamperine also helps

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