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I know this doesn't sound serious but the best way to relieve menstrual cramps is to have an orgasm- when the muscles 'down there' contract and release it stops the muscles from 'cramping'. Not the Sexiest time of the month for any of us but this really does provide relief!

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I would have to agree with this one. This is very effective and works instantly!


I read that women who have orgasms during their periods are less likely to develop endometriosis. if your signifigant other is bothered by the blood, try instead softcups. you can wear them during sex. they're not the cheapest, but if you only use them for sex, it's totaly worth it.


it does reduce 1 or 2 days pain, but u can suffer whole life pain of not having a baby. It makes u infertile. Take care.


masturbating durring your period to have a orgasm and rid yourselves of cramps will make you infertile? Wow, now thats funny. My grandma used to say eating turkey necks will knock you up. Not that you would want to eat one I imagine...


Ummmm sorry self inflicted orgasms or those you get from your partner will not make you loose the ability to have kids. os if you don't mind the mess get your groove on


Thats the stupidest thing I have ever heard, at no time will an orgasim make you infertile.

But unfortunatly this one didnt work for me, orgasim seems to make my cramps worse..i dunno. What works for one doesnt for another i guess, wish it had though, lol


this actually does work.. it's great and if your guy is bothered by the blood get into a warm shower and tell him to close his eyes and buh bye crampies!!!


This one truly does work. Let me tell you.........being told that having an orgasm will make you infertile is the most retarded thing I have ever heard in my life. Good grief. I hope the person who posted that was joking.


Yeah, but now I need a home remedy for 'unable to orgasm.'

{Maybe that's 'get a new husband.')


WOW. This is the best advice ever!!!

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