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I have always had really bad problems with my teeth. I have literally tried everything like the Vanilla, Pain Meds, Vicks Vapor Rub, Cold and hot wet rags, But nothing seemed to really help. The only thing that did help awhile back was the Vicks on the side of my face that the pain was in, But now that even stopped working! So now I am out of luck until I can get a dentist appointment. (Which is a month away) I have no insurance and have to pay out of pocket to see the dentist. Well, I know exactly how bad toothache pain can be. My brother is just like me with his teeth too and he told me that when he starts to hurt he actually rubs the temple of his head and that seemed to work for him. I tried it and does help! I have had the WORST toothache for the past week and each time I start to feel the pain I find this certain spot on the temple of my head and it helps. It doesn't go away fully but makes the pain more bearable. I really, really hope that anyone that is in a lot of pain with their teeth can get something done to help them. I have always suffered from toothaches and trust me I know how bad it is. I just wanted to share my experience and maybe (hopefully) help someone that might need it!

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Hello thank you so much I know this is old,but this had helped me so much the vapor rub and the temple rubbing I've been hospitalized for swelling and teeth pain with abscesses so I know how horrible it gets TY again!

Lita M

I couldnt stand the pain anymore, I googled home remedies for tooth pain and low and behold there you were. Vapor rub I had, i used it and its working!! Dentist in the morning but in the meantime. Thank you sooo much.


Well I have read every ones home remedies , I have tried the running alcohol and Vic's rub so far nothing is working :( I rather give birth again and I have birth 4 times drug free lol. But I do have to say I love the smell of my face now hehe. I hope it works soon. Why can't I be one of those people who it works first try. I have taken T3 and Advil all day long and gravol cuz at one point I was sick and still can not fall asleep.

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