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My daughter had a cluster of plantar warts (the size of a 50 cent piece), along with several on her toes. We tried over the counter products with no change. We went to the podiatrist and she had several painful injections which helped a small amount. Next to try was a prescription cream with a co-pay of over $200!!! Not much change and before I refilled it, I found this site. I put gorilla glue on the wart area-it sorta of foamed up a bit. I then wrapped in duct tape and she kept the foot dry for 48 hours. Repeated these steps for 1 week only and her foot is completely and painlessly healed!!! After more than one year, only normal skin!! I am so happy found thus site. Thanks

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What is gorilla glue?


It's a brand. check gorilla glue online... they have a website. I don't know which kind they used though, as they have wood glue, superglue etc. Someone else did use gorilla tape (a strong version of duct tape) on their plantar wart and it went away. So maybe that could be used together with the gorilla glue? They usually have gorilla glue products at hardware stores in the glue or duct tape section.

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