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Hey guys, I had a carbuncle a few days ago, I used neosporin and boil ease which only helped for the pain, I went back home and applied white toothpaste and it started draining within literally an hour, use toothpaste alone guys, it also works amazingly, just spread it on the boil or cluster, hope this helps

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I have had a ingrown hair/staph infection in my nose for four years (no joke) After $584.00 to an ENT that I'm still paying for. Hundred plus dollars for antibiotics and creams, nothing has helped, I put a little toothpaste on it and it was GONE within an hour. Unbelivable!!!!!!!!!!


My daughter got a boil on her butt and she was in tremendous pain, and she did a sitz bath and it helped a little bit, and when it started to drain on its own, she used Sanitary Napkins(menstral pads)to obsorb the drainage. It helps and she went to the emergency room and they gave her 4 prescriptions and they totaled over 100.00 that is crazy like people are rich...

But she just took baths hot as she could stand it til the boil broke and used the pads to catch the drainage and puss...



This works! I can't believe it actually works!
I've been trying hot compresses for a day them I got the idea to soak a paper towel piece in raw apple cider vinegar and put a bandage over it. It drew it to a head but still wouldn't open up on it's own. Again hot compress, burning myself. Then I read this and figured I had nothing to lose. About 11:30/midnight i did this and at 2:30 I went pee and checked and it had popped on it's own. The pain of it being open and getting all the pus out os temporary. I'm so thankfully to get all the infection out. Now it's covered in neosporin and a bandage


I been suffering from these boils off and on for a while I went to the er one time and it was excruciating. I have another one now wish me luck I just tried the toothpaste. .

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