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I've suffered with chronic yeast and bacterial infection for about 2 years, if I don't have both at the same time; I always have one or the other. Like many of you I've tried all prescription meds with no results. However, after doing some research, for the yeast, I read great reviews and tried Yeast- Cleanse by Solaray, it worked AMAZINGLY! It made the yeast infection go away with in days, and it has been 2 months and I've had no problems with it ( I also did change my diet, I don’t eat bread, pasta, rice, don’t drink soda, juices, because the yeast feeds on these kinds of foods). Now, the bacterial is still there and I recently started doing the Hp douche and adding 2 acidophilus pills to my daily dose of yeast-cleanse pills as well as a folic-acid pill at night after I douche with Hp. I also insert a Folic Acid pill with my finger ( not the ones with the plastic coating) down there at night. I've been doing the last treatment for only 2 days and that awful, disgusting smell has gone away!!!! I will continue to douche at night with the Hp for another week and I will probably just take the pills forever as a part of my diet to keep it from coming back. Hopefully this will get rid of the bv because like you all already know, is embarrassing, sad and frustrating and has really been a problem in my personal life. I will post an update in about 1 week. Good luck finding a cure that works for you!

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Hi just had a quick question...ive been suffering from BV a while, luckily my husbands stands by me, we have been trying to get pregnant and im wondering if BV is/can prevent me from becoming pregnant...p.s im going to store to try folic acid, vitamin D and pre soaked yogurt tampons after initial rub down with garlic


To comment of this post. BV has been known to contribute to miscarriages (per WebMD). With this being said, I could see it making becoming pregnant difficult. I've been told by a doctor that she used to get BV and has found that stress and being sexually active bring on the symptoms. This wasn't what I wanted to hear either, don't worry, I understand completely. Life is stressful. However, taking probiotics to prevent the symptoms has helped her and myself. I will admit I slacked on keeping up on the probiotics and am currently on lovely antibiotics to rid me of BV and yeast infection. They haven't been working so I'm looking to go to CVS for BV Essentials to try. Trust me, I will not be slacking on my probiotics again!!! They have been a lifesaver and I've been a slacker. No more! Good luck to you! My husband and I, too, hope to be trying for a baby in the next year. Best to be healthy first! God speed!

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