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Feeling Relieved

I've had Tooth Abscesses in the past and the the severe pain usually lasts 2-5 days.

Normally I saw a small bump next to the tooth where the infection was, but my last abscess was different. There wasn't a bump on either side of the tooth but there was a small amount of pus and blood draining out from the painful tooth. Usually I was able to lightly pressed on my gums to push out the pus, but my gums weren't swollen in any area. I figured this infection was situated directly within the tooth and hasn't spread enough to make my gum bulge out but the pain was still really bad, to the point where I could not sleep.

I tried one thing and it worked. It wasn't immediate relief but it will relieve all pain within 12-24 hours. As the day progressed my tooth became more and more tolerable to bite on and the pain was almost gone by the 12th hour. The pain had subsided enough where I was finally able to fall asleep.

What I did was gargle very warm water with a heavy dose of salt in it. I didn't measure the salt by amount, I measured the salt by taste and smell. I practically poured the salt directly into the glass of water. You should be able to smell the salt from the water as you hold it to your nose and taste should be bitter. I stored the salt water mix in my oven (which was off) because it's always heated and it kept the solution very warm and ready when I needed it.

I gargled this heavy salted water for 3-5 minutes every 20 minutes for the first hour, then once every hour after that. I slept for 2 hours after the first 2 hours. I awoke and immediately went to my stove to grab my saltwater. I gargled another 3 minutes and then felt better enough to attempt sleeping again.

When I awoke the 2nd time, I had slept for 4 hours but the I was able to bite down on my tooth more then I could before. The sensitivity of the tooth had faded completely by this time and it was the 12th hour since I started rinsing my mouth with salt water.

As I said before, the pain from my abscesses in the past had lasted for days. This is the first time the pain subsided within the first 24 hours and I had to come here and share my experiences.

I'm sure going to a doctor would be your best bet at completely removing a problem like this, but if you have days or weeks until the appointment, I would recommend salt water. If you think the pain isn't getting better, add more salt to the mixture.

And by the way, make sure you drink regularly during this method so you stay hydrated. After each gargle, I'd drink a glass of full to half glass of orange or apple juice.

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Feeling Relieved

I also wanted to mention a few things about this method.

Do not drink the salt water mix!

There was no popping/bursting of the skin and No bleeding during the process!


This is a question for feeling relieved..on a tooth abscess..i have had one for about 3 days..and ive tried listerine..salt water..i also have had a fever..i cannnot afford dentist..please..does anyone know of a cheap home remedy..


Linda, if you have a fever, you NEED antibiotics. Even if you cannot get to a dentist, please get a hold of some antibiotics. You can even take fish antibiotics without a script.

A fever means that the infection is spreading and you do not want that to go septic. A friend of mine almost died in ICU after not treating the infection. You do not want this to go into your blood stream. Once you have a fever, it's beyond the point of home remedies. Please at least get some antibiotics, then try your home remedies.

Unfortunately, sometimes the infection is at the root of a tooth, and the only way to cure this is to pull it out. The infection comes out with the tooth and this resolves the matter completely.

Home remedies will not cure an infection at the root of a tooth because there is nothing that can reach the root.

My dentist explained to me the other day that dental infections never totally clear up on antibiotics. It just beats it back a little. There is no guarantee that the pain will go away on antibiotics, depending on where the infection is at. Once you stop the antibiotic, the problem will return because the TOOTH itself needs to be treated. Antibiotics is like slapping a band aid on the problem, its temporary.

Please do seek some meds since you have a fever. A walk in clinic, that is sliding scale, county health, or even the ER at the hospital. Most ER's will give you a script for Keflex or PEN V K

If you do not want to go that route, please seek out fish antibiotics. They are exactly the same as human antibiotics and are safe.

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