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Ok well I have tried the dawn and ivory dish soap remedies. I have found that both do NOT kill the fleas! They will render them unconcious for around 15 minutes. If you do not use a flea/lice comb to remove the fleas then they will come back to life and you will be in the same boat as you were.
I really need some help getting rid of the fleas on my pittbull. He is suffering all the time and I haven't been able to find anything that helps :(

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Adams flea shampoo!!!!... Works awesome and the Vets use it ;)


Blue Dawn DOES work. It kills them immediately but do not wet the pet first. Mix 1/2 Dawn to 1/2 water and apply a ring to head/face, butt and pads of feet before you then go down head to spine and then the rest of the animal. Lather, lather, lather, Leave on 5 minutes. (The hard part) Then thoroughly Rinse. It doesn't necessarily get all the eggs but it DOES kill the live fleas. I'm fighting an infestation on a poor indoor cat that has never had them and the Revolution the vet gave me didn't work. I've read every site I could, learned more about these bugs than I ever wanted to know. Treating the house with the DE, vac every day. It's starting to get better, but isn't over yet.


Buy advantage multi it really works!!!


Try rubbing olive oil with garlic powder in all fur and after that shower with lukewarm water and soap a few times until you get rid off all the oil .

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