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All of your posts have been a Godsend! You are all good people who, along with my caring and supportive boyfriend, have probably just saved my life. I have freshly been diagnosed with GH YESTERDAY, and haven't stopped crying, since. It is such a painful outbreak, and a diagnosis of which is so difficult emotionally for me to deal, that if I had a gun I would have most likely shot myself. But as I sat sobbing uncontrollably in my boyfriend's truck after picking up my prescribed Valaclyclover at Walgreens, he assured me that he still cares very deeply for me and would never leave me because of this diagnosis. Then he said, 'Who knows? I could have passed it on to you...' Even though he has shown no symptoms other than a cold sore, as of yet.

And ironically, this is the boyfriend I left in order to date another guy who had an outbreak months ago and blamed it on me, even though he has a female 'friend' with the genital herpes virus. Hmmmm. Needless to say, I stopped dating him. Looks like I went back to the right guy.

Now that I have these terrible symptoms, and the support of my current
boyfriend, I realize that it's a waste of time to focus on the past. In order to heal, I must channel my energies into the present and future, and your wonderful posts have helped with this process.

Because of the newness of all of this, the verdict is still out on the velaclyclover (seems to help a little), and the numbing jelly (which doesn't seem to work at all). Aspirin has been keeping me pain free, but I have to remember to take it every four hours or else I am doomed.
I just applied tea tree oil with 20 Q- tips an hour ago (one per lesion), and that seems to have helped a lot. It no longer hurts to pee, and the painful pressure is off of my vagina when I stand or walk. But I will warn is like receiving acupuncture on your wounds. I have about 20 lesions, if not more, and they take turns prickling for a few minutes. In a way this is good...allowing me to attend to every one of them, in order to give them the love and compassion they need and deserve in order to heal. It is still not the perfect pain free remedy, but far better than the highly concentrated painful feeling I had before. I am hoping I can return to work tomorrow, but still am uncertain. At least I am not as sleepy today as I was yesterday.

I will also try to orally take zinc, since that seems to wipe out a cold for me.

Once again, thanks for all of your suggestions and posts. I plan to look into the bee propolis and black seed oil next time I am in the health food store.

Love and best of intentions to all of you who are GH survivors. Keep fighting the good fight and may the force be with you.

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Hi I usually just put Neosorpin +pain relief or however you spell it on mines how ever often I would like it clears right on up in three days max. I also take acyclovir. I talked my doctor into giving me the highest dose which for me is 800mg and I take it 3x a day with outbreak and once when ever I feel like it. I am having an outbreak as we speak due to stress, so keep those levels down and you'll be good! Trust me it's been 15 years I've been rolling with this monster! Good luck!


Good for your boyfriend!! I was diagnosed 7 years ago shortly after my husband now and i started dating, he didnt have it and still doesnt. It laid dorment in me for a couple years until a real stressful weekend. I've fortunatly only have 3 Outbreaks in the last 7 years, but staying healthy and stressfree is important! My husband and i dont use protection as we are trying for a baby, i just make sure when i feel it coming on i dont let him near me. He says he's not worried, and if he contracts it we'll deal with it then, im so thankful. Acyclovir is what i take at the firt sign of itching and epsom salt baths, catching it early helps only keep it at a few days! Good luck to both of you and rememeber its not the end of the world, just a bump in the road (like a period).

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