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Tamra - Texas

PEOPLE LISTEN TO ME!! I have truly found a miracle cure. I've suffered with bv for at least 7 yrs I'm 29 now so many prescriptions flagyl, metro gel, metrodinozle (or however u spell it) and it just KEPT COMING BACK and I mean in like 1 week or 1 sexual encounter and BAM, TUNA CASSEROLE IS BACK! I tried everything yogurt in my cootch, acv tampons, peroxide, lactobacillus, acidophilus, acv tablets, folic acid, raw garlic, garlic tablets, abstinence, and list goes on & on NOTHING WORKED some helped but nothing worked UNTILLLLL I found Wobenzym-N well I can't give wobenzym-n total credit I went I the dr got antibiotics (again) took them immediately after I was done my period came a couple days later after it left and I had sex with my bf I cud tell it was abt to rear it's hideous head fortunately I had already read abt wobenzym-n and had them ordered and on ther way. When u google them it says nothing abt bv or any references as a home remedy for bv but they worked!! U must take just as te bottle says 3 on a empty stomach twice a day I do that and I take 1 milk thistle and 1 red raspberry leave capsule and I have had no smell for weeks even after unprotected sex with my bf they have truly healed me from the inside out 🙌🙏. I hope someone else benefits like have and I'm not even a blogger but I had to rave abt this product. The cheapest u will find is on eBay I couldn't find them at any vitamin shop in my area. GOODLUCK leave feedback pls and ill answer any questions y'all have.

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How long do you take them for? Daily? I have had this issue for YEAAARRRSSS!!! Its awful! I thought I cured it, but it is now back. I am DONE with doctors and drugs. I want a healthy natural way.

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