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I used to take prescription meds for my RLS but too many bad side effects. I found out that many supplements available online such as Kratom quiet RLS 100%. It took me years of trial and error but I was curious why during a prescription I had for Tylenol 3 that had codeine, why did this quiet my RLS? It turns out that the alkaloids in Kratom mimic the alkaloids found in opiates without the drug effects. While kratom will quiet your RLS, it also gives a nice feeling of relaxation. Do your own research but I can tell you, Kratom is safe, been used by humans for hundreds of years and impossible to overdose. As you progress in learning about kratom, you'll find the same information. I usually take 8-10 capsules 1 hour before bed, works great, no after effects and flushes out of the body within 7-8 house. Only side effects I have after using kratom for RLS for years is constipation and drowsy before bed. Kratom extracts beyond 15% are a waste, stick to the powder, capsules are my favorite, plenty of legal U.S. online suppliers.

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Kratom is all natural - what could go wrong? What could possibly be wrong with a substance that has never been tested and you can buy at your local 'head' shop. They have been using it for years in Thailand and they are so happy with it that IT HAS BEEN BANNED in Thailand. It seems that use can cause addiction, anorexia, nausea, constipation, skin darkening and insomnia. Withdrawal can cause hostility, aggression, and hallucinations. Emergency rooms are reporting that kratom users are showing up with symptoms of confusion, delusions, and hallucinations. But what the heck, Cheech and Chong down at the 'head' shop swear by it. Stay away from your doctor - you know, the person that has ten or more years of education and listen to Cheech, (Cheech never went to college, but he spent five years in reform school) afterall, you will be avoiding BIG PHARMA! Kratom has never been tested AND it is all natural just like tobacco, snake venom, and poison ivy - What could possibly go wrong?


The original poster (OP) seems to think that kratom is not a drug and refers to it as a 'supplement'. Where was OP in fifth grade health class when drugs were discussed?

Kratom comes from the leaves of a tree grown in southeast Asia. The tree is in the coffee family. In low doses kratom is a stimulant and in higher doses a drepressant. It is abused as a psychostimulant drug. Other symptoms of withdrawal (besides the ones listed by Jeff above) can be mood swings, runny nose, and achy muscles. There is some indication that kratom can cause liver damage.


I had experienced RLS occasionally for the last 5-6 years but, it wasn't until I came off of an 8 year Methadone treatment that they really began to bother me on a regular basis. I did notice that while I was taking Methadone, my RLS would subside after taking my dose of Methoadone.


Thanks for the kratom idea. I have rls all the time, not just at night and its in my whole body, not just my legs. As soon as i read your post i went and bought some. Its been like 30 mins and I already feel almost 100%!!! Great idea! :)

Sister Celestial Nutmeg

THANKS FOR THE KRATOM IDEA!!! I personally have been alternately ingesting infusions of raccoon dung and arsenic. Who cares if there is no medical supervision and no studies of their effect (well the effect of arsenic has been well studied). Raccoon dung and arsenic are both ALL NATURAL and we are sticking it to Big Pharma!! NO BIG PHARMA!!

Kim Jong - un

What you mean Kratom, raccoon dung, and arsensic no been tested? Here in Glorious People's Republic we very advance, very scientify - not like decadant, evil, capitalist pig United States. I test all three. I test on 500 orphans. Kratom, arsenic, and raccoon dung all work, EVERYBODY dead! No need thank me. NO BIG PHARMA! Dennis Rodman take back pictures.

Moonbeam Jupiter

KRATOM ALL THE WAY, MAN!!!! Stay away from the raccoon dung. Sure it's great to feel all furry and nocturnal, and you are sticking it to BIG PHARMA, but someday you will want to get off the dung and the withdraw is a B!T&H!! Sort of like when I came down from meth, heroin, uppers, downers, methodone, percocet, glue, spray paint, rubbing alcohol,and Mom's pasta. That's why me and all my friends use Kratom. Sure sometimes I can't resist getting all furry (and let's face it, the bushy tail is a real turn on to women) and will snort some coon dung from time to time. But listen to me and the other experts - Kratom is the way to go. NO BIG PHARMA


STOP the inhumane harvesting of raccoon dung now! Did you know that unethical capitalist are keeping raccoons in filthy, unhealthy conditions to satisfy coon dung junkies? Put an end to this evil practise! Listen to the educated, level headed among you. USE KRATOM INSTEAD! With Kratom you are only killing yourself and not some poor raccoon.


Where can i buy katrom


These people attacking Kratom have no effing idea what they're talking about. The only cases that show up to the ER are from people who take excessive amounts. A normal dose is about 5g (a heaping teaspoon full of the normal powder). The ONLY reason it was banned in Thailand is because it's safe, cheap, and was cutting into their opium profits! Read!

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