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Anybody here (over 50) remember Stanley products' 'Germ-trol'? It's a household cleaner with a disinfectant and deodorizer. My mama would use it for everything from chiggers to rusty nails we kids stepped on. I don't think she ever used it for cleaning around the house! LOL! Stanley still makes it, but it's called Germ-Clean now, and it's more concentrated than the old Germ-trol. Just a capful or two in bathwater, and it cured everything! Even Chiggers! =) You have to get it through a Stanley representative, and they aren't allowed to tell you it can be used in bathwater or for human use at all, for that matter. Don't get it anywhere on your face, eyes or head--just neck and under. It works! Every home in Arkansas in the 1960's kept Germ-trol, and it lasted forever. My hubby's been itching for 2 weeks now, and I finally found a Stanley Rep. today to get the Germ Clean. He bathed in fairly hot water with one capful of Germ Clean. (Don't fill the bathtub to the top, only about a third or half-way.) Soak in it for about 30 minutes (and use a cloth to get on your neck, shoulders, back, etc.) He's FINALLY sleeping and not itching!!

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My grandma would skip the bath water. She poured it directly into the bleeding wound!


My grandma used full strength Germ-tell on burns. Best thing ever for burns and very little scarring.


My mom would apply around our ankles and no ticks or chiggers would pass! Yes , Arkansas in the 60's!


Middle Tennessee 1960 and 70s my mother used it for wasp stings, anything that itched, cuts etc. It did not smell good but my mother always said it worked so well that is why it stank. Lol great product.


Arkansas, too. In the late 50s and early 60s my sister and I would pick wild blackberries and huckleberries to make money to go to church camp. We returned home to long soaks in Germ Trol baths. Deet is good about diverting the little red demons, but when I saw ripe berries this morning, I took off through the tall grass forgetting to spray. I seem to spend most of my summers scratching for just such reasons, like an old country hound dog! I found this post while looking for the ingredient in Germ Trol that was so effective and wondering if Stanley can and does still use it. I haven’t found that info yet. Got any idea what it is/was?


In 50s and 60s, my mom kept a bottle of Stanley Germ Trol by the screen door of our porch. My three brothers and I were forever getting wasp bites and would come crying to Mom. I can still hear her saying, "Get the Germ Trol."

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