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Aspendental123456, or whatever, back in the day a dentist would let you pay for procedures in installments. Then one fine day, a person had to apply for a loan from a medical loan company that wouldn't accept anything less than sterling-class credit. Your comments about selling something, taking second jobs (I've done that; wasn't very good for a family but HEY! do what you gotta do, right?) are ridiculously insensitive in light of the economic situation so many of us find ourselves in. Why not go back to the old system where we could pay you out? Oh yeah, bad for the bottom line. The people responding to this are not trying to make excuses. They are in pain, they have nothing to sell, they already work second jobs, and they are in pain. What does Aspen Dental do to facilitate their care? Not expecting an answer. And by the way, your spelling and grammar are atrocious. You went to dental school? Sweet Jesus...

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Good God... some of you guys are such freakin cry babies! If you don't like what the poster has to say then move on to the next post. This person clearly took their time to leave information to hopefully help someone. Its not like he/she gave you their personal business card and is asking for your money! Trust that I too know what its like to be broke... I have been living in agonizong pain for just over a year because I dont have the money to see a dentist. But its pretty easy to undrrstand that this person is just trying to relay the importance of getting this taken care of and that not one of your possessions is worth risking your life! I'm sure if all of us Broke Joes were told we would die in 1 week unless we came up with $300, we would probably find some way to make it happen! And not to mention that this person gave a variation of info to help in different ways... including home remedies. And how much of an insecure person can you be to really think this person was personally calling you stupid... that is so childish! And yes, I guess I am literally calling you a child. Its just so crazy to me that people can come on here and complain about the way someone is trying to help. If you don't like it, get over it and find something that does work for you. Of course, there are a lot of us that very seriously cannot afford to go see a dentist but that doesnt change the fact that we still NEED to go see a dentist and every day that we dont we are risking our health! Anyway, your guys' whinny little posts are super annoying and I could give a shit what you think about my spelling or grammar... cause I'm on my phone and it's 3:15 in the morning. Good Luck! ;-)

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