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Believe it or not...strawberries will whiten your teeth. Rub fresh strawberry on your teeth daily and watch. A strawberry may also be mashed and applied with a tooth brush.

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For everyone complaining about strawberries, etcetera, having you guys eat? I mean really...what don't we put in our mouths that is bad for our teeth? Everything is bad in excess...did your dentist really say not to use if i eat them should i avoid using my teeth? Sounds comparable to a doctor telling you not to brush your teeth...flouride can be dangerous, too.


cut the bullshit needs to go get himself some foodstamps or something...strawberries arent that expensive.


hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahah this is hilarious you're all fuckin hilarious. but uh,i like to eat strawberries. so sure why not i'll eat some more:)


I love strawberries!

A more mature person than you!

This is the first time I have visited this site. This is a site to post what you have found works. It is unbelievable how rude those who want to appose this ladies ideas are. Fine if you don't agree but be a descent person about it! It's like ready, set, attack. You are so ignorant of the whole idea behind this site. I eat strawberries and when I do, I certainly get them on my teeth so what is the differance. Thanks to the lady for the suggestion and to those who slammed you, grow up! She wasn't telling you to stick gas on them!!!!

haha, really?

I agree with 'A more mature person then you!' this site isn't for games and i have found it quite useful. You need to grow up and play your little games somewhere else.

hoof hearted

adding cream with the strawberries is a good source of calcium


hoof hearted adding the cream comment is gosh darn funny ... thanks for that.


Oh my God, you guys are so funny! Thank you, I really needed it. And I do still get the information. This way I can laugh my pants off as I do my research. Jokers, just make sure you stay creative and don't start getting just plain rude and mean, because then it won't be

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