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I am getting a tooth extracted in a couple months but in the meantime about once a month it just flairs up and I usually get a 1-3 day period of shear pain from my jaw to my forehead.

Generally antibiotics was usually enough but I think my body has developed an immunity to them(I've taken penicillin 4 times previously for a week) since April

Last night I came it flared up again so basically my only relief was drinking water. In general ice cold water would make it feel great for like 2-3 minutes, while cooler water might get me 5 minutes of relief(but not feel quite as good as the ice cold water). I tried a bunch of things on with limited success(a couple things might have got me about 10 minutes at best of relief before it started acting up again)

So that's when I saw somewhere else saying get air on the tooth so it's dry. Luckily I have a hair dryer that has a 'cool' option so I blew that on my tooth. That seemed to help for about 15 minutes before I started feeling stuff come back, I waited an addition 10 minutes before it got to the point of bugging me again(although not as bad as it was originally) so I blew wind on my tooth again a second time, once again it came back about 15 minutes, so I blew wind a 3rd time. By time it came back it was a minor annoyance and I was able to do other things. Been a good 4 hours since I blew wind on my tooth(after the 3rd time) and all if fine. It should be noted my mouth couldn't handle the hair blower on a hotter setting so not sure if that will have the same effect

I am no doctor but I am guessing cold/cool water(or any liquid for that matter because cold milk also did the trick for a short period) might give instant relief to the tooth, but it basically just numbs the nerves for a small time before the come back with vengeance(and it's sort of a repeating pattern the more you do it the worse it gets). I guess the basic idea behind my suggestion would be just find a way to get your tooth dry no matter how great the feeling of swishing it with a cold liquid is

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Just an update on this.

Basically I got relief for about 9-10 hours using this method then my tooth ache flaired up again(it seems like right after I ate and had a coke). I tried this method with 0 luck.

Not sure if this was more a coincidence more then anything and my tooth ache basically would have went away even if I didn't do this.

Thankfully my tooth ache wasn't as bad as the first couple days(I am on day 4 now) but seems like only method I can get relief when it flairs up is put a ice pack in a paper towel and put it over my face where it hurts. Generally I can get 2-4 hours of relief out of that


My tooth is throbbing right now. I can feel the pain in my ear Help!!! :,(

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