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Yesterday.. My yeast infection was unbearable.. I scratched it so much to the point where it bled, and then peeing was horrible, it burnt to pee so bad that it brought me to tears... so i took a warm shower(not hot.. Warm) and let the water run over my vag... It felt good needless to say it soothed it temporarily.. Then i washed my vagina with baby wash.. Its gentle and soap-free. (Soap will make Yi worse) i washed it twice with my hands, then got out and immediately went to bed with No pants or underwear on with a fan right on me so it stays nice and dry. Sleep commando. My yeast infection was cured this morning i peed with no pain and have not itched yet. I hope to god its gone. The best advice i have for you is DO NOT ITCH YOUR VAGINA no matter how bad it itches, itching it only makes it worse. Best of luck to all you ladies, i feel your pain..

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Trying this with 1/2 cup iodized salt and 1/2 cup baking soda... what a relief so far!!!!


scratching, not itching.

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