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I have had fever blisters appear for several years. Three days ago I felt the 'tingle' on the upper corner of my lip and immediately went for the Abreva. The next day the blisters had come to a head, there was swelling and discomfort. After reading several of the home remedies I decided to try making a paste from toothpaste (I used Colgate), table salt, and Neosporin. I applied the paste to the affected area, and noticed an immediate cool/burning sensation (similar to how icy/hot would feel). The blisters completely drained. I removed the paste after 10 min. the re-applied the paste, then removed after another 10 min. and applied abreva. I repeated this process a few hours later, then followed up with ice for 10 min, and another coat of abreva. This morning the blisters were completely gone and all that remains is a small red spot. This treatment worked extremely well for me.

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I tried this but it does not work.


I am actually in the process of trying it now.And I already can see a difference! Thanks for the tip! I've suffered from these for years. And I take lysine and it just hasn't worked. I've tried many things. But this one actually works!

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