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Hello, I was just diagnosed with Genital Herpes. Since the virus may start off as dormant I do not know if I received it from my recent boyfriend or someone in the past. I'm still a bit distraught but thanks to pages like these I've found relief.

When I needed to pee it felt like the end of the world. I would shake and be close to tears. I now leave an empty cup in the bathroom and fill it up with cold water and while I'm peeing I pour it on the infected area. There is slight discomfort but it makes a world of a difference. I even added ice cubes and its makes it much easier.

I've been taking the antivirl prescribed and the clear numbing cream. I also have been taking doses of Vitamin C, L-Lysine and Extra strength Advil throughout the same.

The best discover I have used was the tea tree oil. It was a breath of fresh air the second I dabbed it on with a cotton ball.

I tried the baking soda and it sent me into tears so I will not suggest that, but everyone is different.

Also I have been soaking in a lukewarm bath with Epsom salt. That was put me at ease.

This is my first OB and I pray for it to be over everyday although I'm feeling much better than when it began 3 days ago. All these pills and essentials only cost me a total of around 26$ at Walgreens.

I also want to know how I can have a fulfilling sexlife when not going through an OB I feel like sex is a huge part in relationships and its something I do not want to have to end.

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