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I made my own little mixture and it worked miracles! Take a bottle and mix apple cider vinegar, 100% tea tree oil and lemon oil and dilute with a bit of water. Take a piece of cotton wool and soak it with the mixture and press the piece of cotton wool just so it stay damp. Put the cotton wool on the warts for 10-20min or more every night. They will swell at first but after that they will disappear. Just stay patient and keep on treating it. Also get a anti bacterial soap for sensitive skin and wash it with that soap instead of other normal soaps :)

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I have been treating HPV since 2001. But I use Trichloracetic Acid. It's dangerous. Not something you want to keep around the house. Especially if you have kids. I keep it locked in a container high on top of a shelf out of reach.

I believe in ACV and other natural cures. The only problem with using ACV for these things is that it may or may not get it deep down below the skin. It might fall off. But below the top layer of skin, it is still there. It may go dormant. But again, it is still there.

The only way to get rid of the whole wart is to kill the whole wart. And TCA will do just that within minutes. he stuff is amazing. But again, DANGEROUS.


Human papilloma Virus is clearly a Virus and not a bacteria. Thats why antibiotics will not cure it. So your soap is probably not helping at all


actually removing bad bacteria can help your immune system fight viruses. Do a little research


What is the doses of each. The measurements. Would you email please


Please give more info on how to applt the TCA. Does it remove it immediately. Thanks for helping

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