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I was on birth control called depo it has messed my cycle all up. I didnt have a period for 3 years and I quit taking the depo shot now I bleed strong with lots of blood clots and heavy bleeding so heavy I go threw 3 boxes of super plus 36 count tampons together with maxi pads. I went to the emergancy room they did an ultra sound found everything was fine but also they took urine sample and blood tests. When you bleed this way your one of a few things anemic or you just have hormonal issues to fix this they put you on birth control to regulate your period as we all know birth control has many side effects stay away from depo it does not help it makes u gain weight and lose hair aside from other stuff. I chose to be on the pill take it the same time everyday you wont see results for a few weeks. But taking Ibuprofen and elevating you legs help. Also take iorn pills this will also help stop bleeding even if your not anemic iorn pills really do the trick.

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Someone I know got skin cancer from depo injections. The doctors told her it was because the shot would leave stuff behind in the muscle and because she kept getting it in the exact same place, it built up and created an environment for cancer to grow. I've never known anyone who was happy and healthy with depo shots. The FDA was supposedly going to pull it off the market years ago.


I was in depo and bled for the 3 months now I am back on the pill and really bad bleeding with big clots so big it hurts can't move outside the door and in so much pain any tips


Im not on birth control (thank god after hearing everyones horror stories) but im going through menopause and the bleeding and blood clots are off the charts so im glad i hooked up here to get some ideas. Thanks.


Ive been on depo for about a year now and havent had any weight gain or hair loss or anything but ii missed my shot a few months ago and havent had one since and now im experiencing heavy bleeding and even my normal period wasnt as heavy.


I've gone off Depo July 2012, wasn't menstruating for around 6 months and need the pill to set it off.. after going off I had period every 3/4 month then all of a sudden been bleeding for nearly 7 months, lately its become so heavy and the pain before the humongous clots are crippling.


I have been on the depo 8 yrs 3 bfore my son an now 5 yrs after my son and never had a problem i love it i even give myself my own shot to save money !!! Doctor trained me wat to do its like the best thing i ever took an i dont have periods if i spot or do have break through bleeding my doctor said take 6 ibphofen every 4 hours an it stops my period by the end of the day depo hasnt caused me any problems i love it and i was told now the shot doesnt hurt women after long time use it actually treats cancer an other diseases so atleast i can say for me im happy on this shot but evey womens body if different !!! Good luck


Hello, Im 28 years old. i've been on a depo last December 2014. I'm supposed to have my next shot feb 2015 but I decided to stop it because of everyone's the same terrible experience. my period stopped from December up to May. one thing is that i felt pain at my right lower abdomen before my period, when it started June 2015 and i found out that i have a cyst according to the doctor who check my CT Scan. My doctor told me to have an ultrasound right after my 3 cycles because It could possibly disappear. Right now, after my period returned, still the feelings the same. And my period is coming twice a month. Once i went to my OB and she doesn't bother about my 3cm cyst because it's somehow normal for women and she doesn't react also about my heavy period because she said that my period was stopped for how many months. I really don't know what to do.


I took Necon birth control pills straight thru for 3 months to avoid a period. Then about a month ago I started bleeding. I stopped the pill 8 days ago and I'm still bleeding heavy. I'm so frustrated! Sounds similar to what the Depo did to you ladies.


Great information it is about Estrogen and Progestin level of Oral Contraceptives. I used Necon Birth Control Pills last year but now I didn't take it as it has many consequences when I read about <a href="">Necon Birth Control</a>and also experienced these side effects. So beside taking about progestron level everyone should consult with Specialist before using it.


I was on the depo for 6years before I decided to stop so I could have a baby. It took me a year from when I stopped to actually getting pregnant. I had no problems, periods stopped completely, no weight gain. But since having my little boy and being back on it I bled for 7months and now the bleeding is so irregular... I’ve started taking ibuprofen and that seems to stop the bleeding again. I’ve spoke to the dr and he said it’s conpletely normal and my tests I had were all fine so nothing to worry about. Just annoying how irregular it is!

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