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I was on birth control called depo it has messed my cycle all up. I didnt have a period for 3 years and I quit taking the depo shot now I bleed strong with lots of blood clots and heavy bleeding so heavy I go threw 3 boxes of super plus 36 count tampons together with maxi pads. I went to the emergancy room they did an ultra sound found everything was fine but also they took urine sample and blood tests. When you bleed this way your one of a few things anemic or you just have hormonal issues to fix this they put you on birth control to regulate your period as we all know birth control has many side effects stay away from depo it does not help it makes u gain weight and lose hair aside from other stuff. I chose to be on the pill take it the same time everyday you wont see results for a few weeks. But taking Ibuprofen and elevating you legs help. Also take iorn pills this will also help stop bleeding even if your not anemic iorn pills really do the trick.

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Hi I'm on the depo shot when I first started it back in August I started getting light bleeding but nothing to worry about until I got my period full bore for well over a month it was light then heavy with blood clots and it'd change all the time I didn't have my period again for awhile but now I've had it for over a WK and its so heavy I can't really go anywhere or do anything Cuz everytime I go to stand I feel it coming out... I gotta try and find a good home remedie that works...any ideas?


I was on the depo to! Stopped last year ever since then I'm using 50 pads in 4days my bleeding is so heavy...


I was on the Depo shot for 5 years to help stop my heavy periods! It didn't work! If anything its worse!!


This depo thing I thought I was alone Im on every second week of the month and very heavy


Same for me a woman's health clinic doctor told me however nothings wrong with the depo you just have to take a break like for a year every 2 or 3 years your chance of getting pregnant is pretty low


The same thing happened to me, but all you need to do is go see a OGBYN and tell the what's going on and he or she can give you a prescription to help regulate the bleeding

cindy rosemary

So true about the depo birth control, its dangerouse and no good i took depo once, i got so fat and couldnt keep from crying and feeling depressed, my friends wife died from depo because it developed blood clotts in her, please dont take depo, they should band that trash.

sarah suwilanji sichilongo

i took my first depo shot on the 9th of sept and i havent been feeling too good.and i have been bleeding and it doesnt seem to be a normal thinking of going to see my doctor tomoro


I have been on depo for 7 years and never had a problem. I suffer from endometriosis and depo is the only thing that has ever helped me. The only side affect is that when I do stop my endometriosis symptoms come back. I love it and have never gained weight or anything on it.


i been on the depo shot for 7years and i decided to get off cause of weight gain and now my cycle is all messed up...My cycle have been on for 22 days and i'm so miserable..I'm taking Provera now for about 4days for the bleeding but its not helping either maybe i'm rushing the meds but i need something to stop the bleeding fast..i'm super weak and just cranky...

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