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When i had lice as a child my mom & grandmom grounded naphthalene balls in coconut oil. Put that mixture on my head for an hour. Then shampooed and combed. It is effective but very dangerous. The lice were gone then. Now my sister's head is infested. She has such long thick hair. This remedy didnt work. In fact nothing worked. Now all of us in the family have lice. So mom and I used vacuum cleaner on her head to remove the adults and babies. The lice keeps running from here and there in havoc! Ewwww!!! Its tedious but works great. We also use vineger to remove the sticky eggs off her hair. Yuck!

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Tia McBride

Ok hun this is what you can do it works great for thick hair and can be used for everyone in the family.... put some tea tree oil (10 drops), some coconut oil (about 2 tablespoons) orange oil (10 drops) and if you can stand the smell some neem seed oil (10 drops)into your normal conditioner and laver well onto dry hair wait for about 15 mins or more f you wish then start combing through with a steel toothed nit comb rinsing it out in a little hot water in a bowl... then rinse out your hair and wash normally... then go through with the comb whilst having dry hair so they dont seal themselves off.. and go through until your sure enough they have been removed... good luck hun...

No naphthalene

You are right when you say that the naphthalene treatment is dangerous, but go on to say your sister used it recently.

To be very clear to anybody reading this, DO NOT, under any circumstances use naphthalene as described. Do not use it on your body in any way.

Naphthalene mothballs have been banned in the EU since 2008. There is good reason for this - even used as directed(as mothballs), naphthalene is too toxic. Naphthalene destroys red blood cells. Using it as you described could result in haemolytic anaemia, among other things.

DO NOT USE NAPHTHALENE to treat headlice.

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