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I got diagnosed with herpes simplex 2 four weeks ago from a blood test. I get tested for stds once a year and I will admit I could have been more careful this year with using protection. I have been between boyfriends and when I finally developed trust we had unprotected sex. That was my only reason behind getting tested this year. Other than that I've never had any symptoms of an std and still never had an outbreak. I questioned weather or not the blood test could be a false positive. I did ALOT of research on std testing for herpes and found out the the CDC does not recommend getting tested for herpes through a blood test because alot of tests are incorrect. These tests look for antibodies that fight the herpes 2 virus. A score below a 0.9 is negative and means you don't have herpes. Anything above 1.1 is a positive. However, some experts say anything lower then a 3.5 is a low positive and getting retested is recommended. Anything above a 3.5 is a high positive and the chances of you having herpes is greater. My results were a high 3.10. My doctor prescribed valtrex for me and sent me on my way. I'm not taking the valtrex because it surpresses the immune system. A week later, I went to a herbalist in Philadelphia to see if he knew of anything that stopped herpes breakouts naturally. He retested me with a different test and did not find herpes simplex 1 or 2, but found bartholinitis and an std called LGV, which is not common in the U.S. so it is not tested for on a standord std blood test by the U.S. government. LGV is a form of chlamydia trachomatis. It may not show up as chalmydia. In the U.S. there are less then 1,000 cases of this diesese but it has been reported. Unlike herpes it is curable. My herbalist said it can be mistaking as herpes simplex 2 on an antibody test. He gave me a 14 day medicine for both bartholinitis and LGV. After I take the medice he dared me to go get retested by my gyn and gaureenteed me that my test will come up negative for herpes. So that's what I will do and I will keep everyone posted on my results. I strongly encourage everyone to find out what their level of antibodies were and get retested. Or see either an herbalist or a homeopathic doctor in your area. Too many people are misdiagnosed and don't realize it. I do not trust every test out there. And if there are cures out there for herpes, aids, cancer, diabetes, ect., big pharmacy companies are keeping it a secret. Good luck to all of you and ill keep you updated!

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What is the medicine?


My doctor put me on avirin which aids the bartholinitis. Bartholinitis isn't an std it's a build up of bad bacteria and for the LGV my herbalist put me on a blend of herbs that include botanical geraniol, methyl citronellate, euqenol, cosmosiin, rhamnocitrin, and isoquercitrin. He also gave me a natural mild laxative to help flush everything out of my system


My herbalist* put me on avirin I meant to say. Not doctor


What was the test called you had your herbalist do?


Where is your herbalist located? And do you have a number I can contact him from?

ann lee

May i have the address to your herbalist in philadelphia , i live in philadelphia

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