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ok these remedies havent helped my poor blackhead on my nose but they may work for u X3

1. place white or minty toothpaste on effected area and let sit 5-15 minutes. rinse off well with warm water. didn't help my black head but may help yours. but if it doesnt, it leaves u with smooth, minty smelling skin :3

2. peel a potato and rub on effected area then let sit 4 15 minutes. haven't tried this one but i will when a potato comes around...

3. i have read that honey works well just by its self. it says that honey will close up the pores starting from the bottom if u leave it on for 15 minutes. i am trying this right now with organic honey ill see if it works...

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Skylar Goulding

Im tring this right now.


im trying it and so far it hasnt helped just burning my face really bad


The toothpaste is for pimples. The potato is for reducing redness and minimizing pimples. Leaving Ivory soap on a pimple overnight will get rid of them. The newest home remedy I started using is apple cider vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice. Mix them together and use the paste as a mask, again for pimples.


Did it work??


if u want ur face to burn like hell then do the toothpaste one


The absolute best way to get rid of blackheads is simply just washing your face. Now from time to time just add a little soap or mild astringent with the water and bing bang boom..NO BLACKHEADS!!!

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