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I have tried all the remedies for plantars wart on the heel of my foot which I bought at the store from Dr. Schol's products- freezing remedies, soluver liquid but no substantial decrease in pain or size. So I tried apple cidar vinegar which I watched on youtube. I got a small cotton ball and put vinegar on it, placed it on the wart, and put a band aid and duct tape and left it overnight. I noticed considerable shrinkage of the wart and kept on doing it until it was smaller in size. When it was very small, I used a pumice stone to help remove it. I noticed small black dots around the bigger wart and the pumice stone helped remove it. Now, they are all small holes and a big hole where the bigger wart was. Be patient, it will eventually die under those conditions.

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nah man it aint gonna die, its prolly just gona come right back hahahahar.....the black stuff is the root

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