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After years of suffering from breast tenderness I finally tried the raw cabbage leaf remedy. Within 3 hours I noticed that most of the tenderness was gone and by morning I was much better. I would highly recommend it.

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T. Espinoza

I also found if you soak the cabbage leaves in ice water it is especially helpful. This is perfect for pain after childbirth!

Student naturopath

Yes I also find cabbage lead extremely helpful in reducing breast pain/tenderness. Place cabbage leaves in ur bra to cover whole breast, leave them on for a few hours or even over night and you will definitely feel less tenderness. Hope it helps you too! :)


When i had my daughter and was in hospital, i couldn't breast feed and the one nurse came and helped me as it felt as if my breast were about to burst. She told my ex-husband to go buy cabbage. She put them in the freezer for a while and placed them on my breasts, it helped for swelling and i felt such a relieve :)


Yes! My friend recomened this to me and it was the only thing that helped me after i had my daughter. It was a life saver !


Yessssssssssssss it works

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