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Helps relieve generalized itching that is worse when trying to fall asleep. When your body relaxes as it prepares for sleep, body temp goes up and makes your skin more sensitive. Your brain then causes the body to produce histamines as it prepares for sleep. This is a major cause of that generalized itching that keeps you from sleeping. The trick is to get past the rise in temp and that release of histamines before actually trying to fall asleep. In other words get that itching attack over with so you CAN fall asleep. Here's the trick.... load your mp3 player or phone with a list of relaxing music. I listen to new age and recommend Karunesh. Get some good quality over the ear headphones. Sit in a lounge chair (Lazy Boy) and listen. Make sure the room is dark and that you won't be disturbed. Bring your knees up so that you can easily reach any part of your body that might itch. If you feel an itch, rub it with the ball of your fingertip to avoid scratching and irritation. Don't try to be stoic- if it itches, rub it. As you begin to relax you'll see why bringing up your knees keeps you from reaching or sitting up to reach an itchy area. Relax as best you can and you'll feel your body temp rise and you'll also start to itch like you usually do when you're trying to sleep. But you're not trying to sleep- you're relaxing and listening to music, which distracts you from the itching. It takes me about half an hour to get over the hump of the itching caused by that release of histamines. If you fall asleep in your chair, who cares? You're sleeping! When the itching subsides you will be very sleepy and drowsy. Go to bed! Go directly to bed! Do nothing to stimulate yourself (like check for texts or calls) go to bed and close your eyes! Sweet dreams.

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